Production Ready MVP in 4 Weeks

Building a minimal viable product, complete with all necessary features and capable of scaling production, for a budget of $20k or less.
We have a wide-range of Bubble experience, from being the initial Bubble Trainer, to supervising a group of Bubble engineers for venture capital-backed businesses, all the way to selling Bubble-designed companies for sizable sums of money.

What Does Your MVP Include?

Up to 3 features

We'll include the basic features that define your application so that your distinct benefit is accessible to consumers.

Admin System

You'll have access to an administrative panel that will enable you to watch over and regulate your application independently.

Professional Designs

Your MVP will not only function optimally but also display attractive visuals. Our styling is upscale, orderly, and custom-made to complement your identity.

Optimized for Scalability, and Security

Your application will be designed to be able to expand in the future, making sure it continues to work great for a prolonged period.

Transactional Email Configuration

Your app will provide the capability of sending emails for alerts, greetings, and other messages.

Social Signup & Login

Creating an account is a snap, either by using a native option or logging in via Google.

Web Analytics Connection

We will connect web analytics, whether it be from Google or any other platform, in order to help you monitor usage and user activities.

Password Reset

We'll create a safe system that allows your customers to quickly regain access to or alter their password as needed.

Get Started Now

Meet your MVP Team

We have had a lot of experience managing development teams for venture capital-backed companies. We have finalized deals for Bubble-developed enterprises worth millions. Additionally, we have greatly contributed to the standards of the No Code sector and beyond. Let us bring you towards your own success.

Omar Hendy
Omar HendyCEO
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Omar Hendy
Omar HendyCEO
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Our 4 Week Process

The four week period we have established involves:

We will determine the entire parameters of your MVP in this stage to make sure our plans are in alignment, trying to stay in the given budget and get it accomplished in the proposed timeframe.

3 days
Design UI/UX
For our Design Sprint, we'll team you up with one of our recommended designers to create rudimentary wireframes, mock-ups, and fine-tuned designs. That way, we can guarantee you'll be completely happy before advancing to the development stage.

1 week
This will mark the commencement of a 3-week sprint where you can observe the development of your app. After the sprint, your app will be all set for the last assessment, launch, and comment from you.

3 week
After submitting your MVP, we plan to reserve two days solely for introducing the application to your users. During this period, we will also be accessible in order to deal with any initial critiques or glitches that might pop up.

2 days


$ 1500 Monthly
  • 10 hours of work per month, with a 48 hour turn around on bug fixes.

Scale Up

$ 2500 Monthly
  • A dedicated Project Manager is providing bug fixes with 24 hour notice, priority support, and forty hours of labor per month.
Most popular

No Contract

$ 200 hour
  • You can provide bug repair and feature requests on an hourly timetable.